Nick Ver Voort writes code, makes art, and plays music
This is where you can find his code, art, and music.
He enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

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Released on January 18th, 2016

Nick Ver Voort's solo debut and first full-length album. With lyrics ranging from serious to Seussian, music ranging from fingerpicked acoustic guitar to upbeat rock to dark grooves, this album represents the eclectic tastes of the musician himself.

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Surreal Deal

Released on December 25th, 2014

Perfect Inversion is a collaboration between Nick Ver Voort and Nick St. Pierre (LemonDrop). Their debut EP, Surreal Deal, is a blend of jam rock and electronica. Described by indie music reviewers The Even Grounds as containing "intricate harmonies, shuffling breakbeats, shredding lead guitars, and mystic, poetic lyrics".

By day, I am a software engineer at Black Duck Software in Burlington, MA. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2014. Here are links to some of my work.

Web Design

This portfolio website itself is an example of my web design work.

Crazy Sweet is my father's candy store in Appleton Wisconsin. A graphic artist by trade, he designed mockups of the site and I recreated them near-exactly with HTML and CSS.

I was given the logo designed by another artist, and text content for the individual pages, and told to design a professional and clean website around them.

Selkie (Ludum Dare 35)

Selkie is a game I created in 2 days for the 35th Ludum Dare game jam. The theme for the jam was "shapeshift", so I created a game about the mythical shapeshifting selkie. I created everything with the exception of the music. The game engine was Unity, I created the 3D models in Blender, and the texture graphics in Adobe Photoshop.

Lionfish Apps

Lionfish Apps is my brand name for Android application development. This was a major hobby of mine when I was in college. While I don't actively develop apps anymore, I do maintain a few of them (notably my Phish Tabs app), and I may choose to write more apps in the future. From my development work on these I became proficient in the Android SDK, and in Google's ever-changing design guidelines (see the Phish Tabs application for an example of my use of the newest: Material Design).


My GitHub account has work done for UMass Lowell professor Fred Martin's research lab, under the isenseDev repositories. This consisted of work on Android apps, and on a Ruby on Rails webapp called iSENSE. Also to be found is work I did on an OpenGL graphics project for a college Graphics course. I co-wrote a particle effects system and lighting engine in C++ using the OpenGL libraries.